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Wedding Hairstyles

Choosing a hairstyle requires plenty of thought. With the many options available, deciding on just one hairdo for your special day can really be a challenge!

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So, without further delay, we present to you our collection of Bridal Hairstyles and Wedding Updos for gorgeous, cute, and beautiful ideas that you will love! Whichever style you choose, make sure that you fall in love with your hair so that you are bound to look AND feel fab! Yay!

Quick Bridal Hair Tips

Before you begin your search for the perfect wedding hairdo, squizz through the following bridal hair tips:
  • Choose a timeless hairstyle - Although trends are great, prevent cringe-worthy moments years down the line as you page through your wedding album, by incorporating one trend as part of a timeless hairstyle. A simple and timeless style will always work in your favor. 
  • Choose a hairstyle that will complement the rest of your bridal look – Make sure that your hairdo works well with your make-up and bridal wear. 
  • Choose a style that works with your unique type of hair - Embrace your curls, make the most of your waves or let your poker straight locks flow, as long as your chosen hairstyle suits your type of hair. 
  • Choose an accessory to add to your look, not to take it over - Decide whether you’d like to incorporate an accessory as part of your hairstyle. If so, it is best that the accessory adds to your overall look, without taking it over. 
  • Book a trial run with your hairstylist – Practice makes perfect and a trial run with your hairstylist will ensure that all of the above is checked off your list.

Flowers & Pretty Hairpins

1. (Below Left) Captured by Rebekah Westover Photography, this is a perfectly messy updo with a pastel flower arrangement as an accent that adds a pretty and feminine touch. 2. (Below Right) Once Wed shares this beautiful low bun wedding hairstyle with a glittering DIY hairpiece, which you can create to adorn your hairdo.

Bridal Hairstyles & Wedding Updos Bridal Hairstyles & Wedding Updos
3. (Below Left) From Glamour, learn how to recreate this loosely braided sexy and exotic updo that is dressed up with ornate gold braid accents and sweeping face-framing tendrils. 4. (Below Right) As seen on Hair & Beauty Tutorials, this updo is wrapped with lace details, which is perfect for a rustic or vintage wedding theme.

Bridal Hairstyles & Wedding Updos Bridal Hairstyles & Wedding Updos
5. (Below Left) From Belle, The Magazine, this knotted low bun incorporates an elegant white flower to complete the look. 6. (Below Right) Great for an outdoor or beach wedding theme, this bridal hair look with realistic mini Orchid flower hair pins from Creative Theme Wedding Ideas. adds a floral dimension to the look and will remain fresh ad wilt-free all day!
Bridal Hairstyles & Wedding Updos Bridal Hairstyles & Wedding Updos

Beautiful Braids

7. (Below Left) Wedding Chicks shares this boho-chic and romantic wedding updo with a side swept braid and colorful floral decoration, which adds something extra special to this look. 8. (Below Right) We love this simple braided hairstyle that is pulled to the side and garnished with a striking flower, as seen on Juxtapost.
Bridal Hairstyles & Wedding Updos Bridal Hairstyles & Wedding Updos
9. (Below) Expertly styled by by Hair and Make-up By Steph, this updo incorporates wisps of curly hair pulled back into a low bun with perfectly styled curls. A thin braid wrapped over crowns the hairstyle off.

Bridal Hairstyles & Wedding Updos Bridal Hairstyles & Wedding Updos
10. (Below Left) As seen on Hair & Beauty Tutorials, this cute updo is a high bun with a braid that is pulled over the bun for a tousled and textured effect. 11. (Below Right) An elegant braided hairstyle with a low bun, taken from Hair & Beauty Tutorials.

Bridal Hairstyles & Wedding Updos Bridal Hairstyles & Wedding Updos
12. (Below Left) From Hair & Beauty Tutorials, this low slung bun with a thick braid wrapped over makes this fab hairdo the perfect look for a romantic style. 13. (Below Right) Compliment a simple bridal look with this unique braided hairstyle, as seen on Wedding Day Weekly, with diamante detail in the centre that resembles a flower.

Bridal Hairstyles & Wedding Updo Bridal Hairstyles & Wedding Updo

Terrific Twists

14. (Below Left) This elegant and understated hairdo as seen on Hairstyle Stars sweeps long hair back across the forehead into a neatly styled bun. White flowers are added to create a lovely contrast against the dark hair colour. 15. (Below Right) Styled by Phresh Spa Salon via Wedding Shoppe, Inc, this side-swept hairstyle is the ideal combination of twists and braids with a small floral accent that is used to soften the hairdo. The hair colour and colour of the flowers achieve a beautiful contrast.
Bridal Hairstyles & Wedding Updos Bridal Hairstyles & Wedding Updos
16. (Below Left) Consider this pretty and perfect rose-inspired updo with tendrils, created by Hair and Make-up By Steph. 17. (Below Right) As seen on Pink Paisley Events, this textured hairstyle incorporates hair that is twisted from the front section of both sides of the head to form a messy low bun.

Bridal Hairstyles & Wedding Updos Bridal Hairstyles & Wedding Updos

Love Knots

18. (Below Left) Modern Hairstyles shares this pretty updo with the front sections swept back into a high and structured bun. 19. (Below Right) We love this sweet and romantic updo with hair styled in a loose and unfussy way, as seen on Alexander Lilly Events.

Bridal Hairstyles & Wedding Updos Bridal Hairstyles & Wedding Updos

20. (Below Left) A neat and stylish twisted updo with a feather fascinator to adorn the look, as seen on Blowdry Confessions. 21. (Below Right) This retro twisted updo taken from Wedding O Mania would work wonderfully as part of a vintage or rustic-inspired bridal look.

Bridal Hairstyles & Wedding Updos Bridal Hairstyles & Wedding Updos

22. (Below Left) Style Me Pretty shares this beautiful knotted low bun with material flowers that adds a stunning and whispy feel to this hairstyle. 23. (Below Right) From Carter & Cook Event Company, this low chignon hairdo incorporates expertly styled knots to create a modern and classy look.

Bridal Hairstyles & Wedding Updos Bridal Hairstyles & Wedding Updos

24. (Below Left) As seen on Mod Wedding, this hairstyle created by Danielle Style is a deliciously swirly updo with hair pulled back at the crown, swirled and pinned up into place. Once pinned, the hair is taken from one side, pulled to the other and set into place. 25. (Below Right) A gorgeous hairstyle as seen on Tulle & Chantilly, with hair knotted from the bottom all the way up to meet the front bangs that are swept back and accessorised with a beautiful hair brooch.

Bridal Hairstyles &  Wedding Updos Bridal Hairstyles & Wedding Updos

Tresses With A Twist

25. As always, loosely tousled and carefully hair twisted works to create a structured yet natural and beautiful bridal look and works especially well with long hair. (Image credits: Delicate Weddings)
26. Fall in love with this Lovely long loose flowing waves | Hair: Merle Titus | Image credit: by Lindy K

Long, Loose, Luxurious Braids

27. Waterfall long braided bridal hairstyle | Hair: Alicia Buckle | Image credit: Nikki Meyer Photography

28. Braided half-up half-down bridal hairstyle for long hair | Hair: Vixen Art | Image credit: Damor Photography

29. Ideal for a backless wedding dress to show off this eclectic braid with ribbon hairstyle for long hair from One Wed.

Fabulous Flowers And Heavenly Hairpieces

30. Beautiful handcrafted bridal headpieces by Blair Nadeau Millinery | Image credit: Tara West Photography

31. Boho wavy bridal hairdo for long hair adorned with hair vine bridal headpiece by Jannie Baltzer | Image credit: Wedding Photography by Sandra Åberg

32. Stunning Floral Crown Headpiece for long hair by Precious Petals | Hair: JB’s Hair & Waxing Studio | Image credit: Beth Fernley Photography

33. Bride Meets Wedding shares a beautiful wedding hairstyle for long hair that incorporates a charming little netted veil with a flower!

34. Curly hair and flowers are so romantic! A perfect bridal look for a backless dress – stunning! (Image credits: French Fashions)

35. From Brides, incorporate a lace veil to create a soft and romantic look with your tresses brought forward in loose waves.

Classic Curls For The Long And Lovely

36. This look from Weddings By Lilly with long and soft curls is a great wedding hairstyle for long hair.

37. Be inspired with romance! Soft flowing curls that are pinned half up half down, with a few tendrils to complete the look. (Image credits: Slodive)

38. Neat on top and tousled on the bottom, this hairstyle for long hair is a wedding winner! (Image credits: WeddingX)

39. Half up half down, this neat hairstyle for long hair from Style Me Pretty is perfect to keep your look in place in an elegant way with a modern and romantic hair accessory.

40. Another boho long bridal hairstyle with floral headpiece by Jannie Baltzer | Image credit: Wedding Photography by Sandra Åberg

 20 Long Wedding Hairstyles 2013
41. (Above Left) A loose hairstyle with soft waves brushed over from a subtle side parting and tucked behind the ear looks great when worn with an off-the-shoulder wedding gown. It also shows off a striking pair of earrings! {New Hair Style} | 42. (Above Right) A netted hair fascinator is added to complete the look of this half-up, half-down hairstyle with the loose hair curled together. {Wedding O Mania}

20 Long Wedding Hairstyles 2013 20 Long Wedding Hairstyles 2013
43. (Above Left) A front section of this half-up half-down hairstyle is twirled, pulled back and secured to the lovely mass of loose curls that falls over the shoulders. {Wedding Channel} | 44. (Above Right) A half-up, half-down hairstyle with soft curls secured elegantly and adorned with flowers. {WeddBook}

20 Long Wedding Hairstyles 2013 20 Long Wedding Hairstyles 2013
45. (Above Left) Ooh! This gorgeous bohemian loose hairstyle with voluminous curls begins with a middle parting of hair that falls into slightly more defined curls at the ends. This hairdo will look great with or without a floral wreath or headdress. {Green Bride Guide} | 46. (Above Right) A dreamy half-up, half-down hairstyle created with a pouf on the top of the head and a set of loose beach waves that fall over the shoulders. {Styled by Beauty On Call|Featured on Refinery 29 | Photo by Carasco Photography}

20 Long Wedding Hairstyles 2013 20 Long Wedding Hairstyles 2013
47. (Above Left) This striking long-haired look with a straight fringe and defined loose curls looks amazing with a pretty jeweled headpiece that stands out when worn over such a contrasting hair colour. {Featured on The Ruffled Blog|Photo by Lizelle Lotter Photography} | 48. (Above Right) Add a beautiful floral headpiece that matches your bridal bouquet and secure it to this half-up, half-down wavy hairdo with the top section pulled together with a braid. {Styled by Organic Hair by Misty|Featured on Wedding Chicks|Photo by Kari Crowe Photography}

20 Long Wedding Hairstyles 2013 20 Long Wedding Hairstyles 2013
49. (Above Left) A long sideswept sexy tousled hairstyle that is secured at the neck using a section of hair. {Styled by Royston Blythe|Featured on UK Hairdressers|Photo by Andy Kruczek} | 50. (Above Right) A feminine loose hairstyle with a side parting that allows for one side of the front section of hair to be pulled back behind the ear and dressed up with a beautiful headpiece. {Styled by Angela Tam|Featured on Wedding Wire}

20 Long Wedding Hairstyles 2013 20 Long Wedding Hairstyles 2013
51. (Above Left) Show off stunning earrings and an eye-catching headband with this bohemian hairdo that incorporates a sideswept fishplait. Overall, this look contrasts wonderfully when worn with a strapless simple wedding gown. {Styled by Ry-n Shimabuku Makeup Artistry|Featured on The Ruffled Blog|Photo by Tamiz Photography} | 52. (Above Right) Dress up this chic flowing boho hairstyle that gives off a bed-hair impression with a glittering head band to achieve a flower-child look. {Styled by Ry-n Shimabuku Makeup Artistry| Featured on The Ruffled Blog|Photo by Tamiz Photography}

20 Long Wedding Hairstyles 2013
53. (Above) A gorgeous vintage half-up, half-down hairstyle that pulls the top section of hair into an elegant hair pouf allowing both sections to be pinned together into a secured curly look. {Styled by Designs by Sandra|Featured on Bridal Musings|Photo by Love Life Studios}

20 Long Wedding Hairstyles 2013

54. (Left) A beautiful waterfall braided hairstyle that looks amazing with a few fresh small flowers secured along the thick braid at the back. Soft curls that fall down the back completes this girl look. {Featured on Girly Wedding}

55. (Below) This much-loved half-up, half-down braided twist hairstyle criss-crosses the top section of the hair bringing it to a luscious set of loose curls. {Styled by OMG! Artistry}
20 Long Wedding Hairstyles 2013
20 Long Wedding Hairstyles 2013 20 Long Wedding Hairstyles 2013
56. (Above Left) An ombre coloured loose hairdo is bang on trend! With hair whipped into a smouldering sidepath, the loose and long ombre curls falling to the front can be shown off to everyone’s delight! {Featured on Zank You|Photo by Sugar and Soul Photography} | 57. (Above Right) A wavy long-haired look with subtle ombre ends creates a natural and timeless hairstyle. {Featured on Dusk Jacket Attic| Photo by Tec Petaja}

20 Long Wedding Hairstyles 2013 20 Long Wedding Hairstyles 2013
18. (Above) An unusual half-up, half-down straight DIY hairstyle with the top pieces of hair pulled up into a va-va-voom pouf before being tied into a chic hair bow! {Styled by Bobby Glam}

20 Long Wedding Hairstyles 2013 20 Long Wedding Hairstyles 2013
59. (Above Left) We adore this relaxed sideswept hairstyle with a fully braided fishtail that falls to the front. A lovely, feminine and youthful wedding hairstyle to flatter a simple and elegant bridal gown. {Featured on Bridal Musings|Photo by Jessica Janae Photography} | 60. (Above Right) A beautiful hair colour can be shown in all it’s glory with this half-up, half-down hairstyle that is tastefully gathered to the back and embellished with a detailed headpiece. {Featured on Bridal Guide}

We hope that you’ve loved the list of wedding hairstyles that we have put together for you as inspiration for your wedding day. Whatever lovely hairstyle you choose for yourself, we hope that it is one that will make you feel like a princess! 



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